Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chops N' Sprouts

Sage is one of my favorite herbs to use in cooking pork of pretty much any kind because it has such a subtle flavor that never tastes too overpowering for me.  Below is one of my most frequently used pork chop recipes and a new favorite way to roast brussels sprouts.  I'm one of those crazy people who actually loves them, especially roasted.   I used this brussels sprouts recipe for Thanksgiving.  One of our family friends has a strong dislike for brussels sprouts and will only eat a single one each year.  This was a challenge to me, so I made it my goal to make some she would actually eat more than one of, and this did the trick.  I think she actually ate four of them.   As for the kids, they tried some, too.

Sage Rubbed Pork Chops with Honey Buttered Roasted Brussels Sprouts


4 -1/2 lb chops about 3/4 inch thick (Spring Hill Farm)
2 tsp.  dried sage (if you have fresh, use that instead)
2 tsp. sea salt
2 tsp. ground pepper
2 tablespoons organic butter (grassfed)
1 cup organic beef broth  (I have used chicken also, which works fine as well)

Combine sage, salt, and pepper and rub on both sides of chops.  In a large skillet, melt butter over med-high heat.  Place chops in skillet for 3-5 mins, then flip, until both sides are browned (almost seared).   Add beef broth and cover.  Reduce heat to low and simmer for 40-45 minutes.  Drizzle any leftover liquid over chops when you plate them.  They should be very tender and nearly falling off the bone.

Brussels Sprouts

1 lb. brussels sprouts
2 tablespoons organic butter (grassfed)
2 tablespoons organic raw honey
sea salt to taste

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Rinse and remove yellow leaves and stems from sprouts.  Chop sprouts in half (some leaves will fall off).  Add them to a large mixing bowl.  Heat butter and honey in a small bowl and microwave for about 30 seconds until melted.  Stir to mix them, then drizzle over sprouts.  Toss with a slotted spoon to coat all the brussels sprouts.  If you are salting, add a few grinds of sea salt now and toss again.   Spread sprouts onto a large greased jelly roll sheet or cookie sheet and roast for about 10 minutes, then remove from oven, flip them, and return to oven for additional 10 minutes or until some of the sprouts' outer leaves are slightly charred.  Do not scorch all of them :)

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