Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Few Supplemental Posts About...Supplements

Belly aches...check.  Constipation...Check.  Crazy meltdowns...check.  Trouble sleeping...check.  Mean and irritable behavior...CHECK!

After weeks on end of this and not much advice or help from the pediatrician, other than "it's just a phase most toddlers go through," I was contemplating going back to work full time, just so I could have a break from the craziness of our two girls.

In a humiliating trip to the local "bouncy place" with the inflatable slides and mazes, during which both of my girls had accidents (the smelly kind), I was venting to a good friend of mine about it and asked her if her sons went through this phase at all, to which her answer was an enthusiastic, "YES!"  Then she started telling me how they stumbled upon this remedy to her son's symptoms through a holistic doctor who recommended it for a different reason.  Digestive Enzymes, she told me, were what ultimately turned her son into the total sweetheart that he is.  Well, enzymes and I'm sure good parenting was involved somewhere along the way.

After giving me a few recommendations of brands to buy and where to buy them, I was convinced these would work for my girls and headed to the local hippie health food store.  The associate who assisted me was beyond helpful and basically schooled me on the topic of digestion in toddlers and adults.  The info she told me made perfect sense and she gave me a few recommendations on things to avoid as well, such as wheat and dairy(paleo and we didn't even know it!) to see how that affected the kids and their behavior.  I left with a bag full of Buddy Bear chewable digestive enzymes, and Buddy Bear chewable probiotics, some D3 chewables, and gummy vitamins with DHA.  Three days is all it took for the enzymes to kick in.  They took care of the all the symptoms I listed at the start of this little rant and my sweet little girls were back to normal, with the exception of some sleep issues.   Either their "phases" ended, or these things worked.  My money is on the enzymes. Now let me just say, my kids aren't perfect angels 100% of the time, but their behavior has improved immensely. 

Okay, now fast forward like 2 months.  I ran out of the enzymes and went to the health food store, only to be disappointed in finding the Buddy Bear Enzymes spot empty!  I went all over town trying to find them, and couldn't, which resulted in us ordering them online through non other than our beloved Amazon.  A few days later, just as the behavioral nasties started to rear their ugly heads, the amazon box was delivered, and the Bears were back in action.   This little enzyme shortage emergency ultimately resulted in us joining Amazon Prime with guaranteed free 2nd day delivery and has been nothing short of a blessing ever since.

You can find links to purchase these to the right in my product recommendations through the Amazon store.  They have generally been cheaper online than in any health food store I have seen, even with shipping if you have to pay for it.  Either way, it has been worth every penny.  While you're at it, it wouldn't hurt to try some for yourself either, especially if you are having any kinds of digestive issues.

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