Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Part 2 of Supplements - The Calm before the Storm

Everybody who knows me probably considers me one of those "granola kids."  I prefer "closet hippie."
That being said, I love doing things naturally, organically, and I generally steer clear of prescription anything if possible.  I would much rather try to change my diet, or supplements to help with any problems or ailments that might be happening to me or my family. 

In my last post I mentioned the enzymes that were honestly one of the best things I have ever done as a parent, but my kids still weren't sleeping consistently.  Neither were we, obviously.  My husband was listening to The Paleo Solution podcasts a lot at that point and took note of a recommendation from Andy Deas on one of the episodes to try this stuff called Natural Calm to help balance your magnesium and calcium levels, which in turn leads to all kinds great things happening in your body.  You can read the info for yourself here for Natural Calm .  The very first night we took it, we slept great.  We could have been just plain exhausted, or it could have been the Natural Calm, but either way, our sleep and stress levels in general have been much better since we started taking it. 

That's when the light bulb came on and my husband (he's full of great suggestions) looked in to finding the kid version of this.  We ordered it and as with the enzymes, the kids' behavior improved even more within about a week, and they were sleeping through the night.  We now give them the Kids Calm-Multi instead of their gummy vitamins with DHA and D3.  I just add the recommended dosage to some organic juice in the AM with their breakfast and we're off and running.

Just like the enzymes, fast forward a few months.  We ran out of Kids Calm.  You would have thought someone stole all of their toys and told them Santa wasn't real with how upset they were all the time.  They were on meltdown mode cruise control.  For about a week, we were so busy and just kind of forgot about re-ordering more, until one day it dawned on us that it could be the Kids Calm that they needed.  My mother-in-law was babysitting them after about 3 days of it being back in their systems.  She called me and the conversation went something like this:

MIL: "Oh my gosh, Jill, what is that stuff?"
Me:  "Oh you mean the Kids Calm?"
MIL: "YES!!! It's amazing! The difference in their behavior is like, oh my gosh, they are different kids!"

You get the point.  The stuff is awesome.  When it's grandma approved, you know its good because grandmas, in general, only see halos above their grandkids heads.  For her to notice a significant dip in their behavior when they didn't have it is huge.

Read about it for yourself and when you're ready to order some, here's the link:

Order Natural Calm
Order Kids Calm-Multi

Now, back to the recipes...

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